Surf Rock Is Dead’s “Everything They Said” Is Dream Rock For The Lonely Busy Souls

Meet the friendless Brooklyn duo.

Photo: Courtesy of The Native Sound

Brooklyn dream pop duo, Surf Rock is Dead, is tingling our neurons with their smudged-out, fuzzy single “Everything They Said” from their upcoming EP We Have No Friends? This piece feels like it’s been smoked with a pinch of psychedelia and ingredients of semi-stoner pop that almost takes you to enlightenment….and by enlightenment we mean playing this on-repeat while lying on the floor doing absolutely nada. For a song that comes from an EP embracing (?) solitude, it provides the perfect sonic getaway. It exudes the same comforting buzz of noise-cancelling headphones, but instead of silence, it hugs you with warm beats that filter out external distractions. Adios world:

“The phrase ‘we have no friends’ is a running joke and half-truth between the band.” Said Kevin Pariso regarding the name of the EP. “When we formed the project we would spend late weekend nights jamming and writing music instead of spending it out with friends. Putting time into a creative project definitely can hamper your social life but the idea is that the fruit it bears will be worth the sacrifices.”

The other half of Surf Rock is Dead is Joel Witenberg, who also has no friends. Although they are from Chicago and Melbourne (Australia), Surf Rock currently resides in Brooklyn and has made waves in the dream pop scene for its kinda-stoner/transcendental vibe. We Have No Friends? will come out on October 6th and includes five tracks. Meanwhile, please befriend them on Facebook and Instagram.