Tabrill Takes Us Into The Electronic Labyrinth Of Self-Discovery In “Lossless” Ft. Emily

Featuring Owun, the animated squiggly dude in existential crisis.

Photo: Artwork by GOODSNIFF

Aussie producer Tabrill takes us in a lush and sparkling electro soundscape in his new single “Lossless” featuring the smooth vocals of the mysterious singer Emily. The fragmented samples and swishing synths give “Lossless” an almost a celestial touch that makes it feel otherworldly. There is a childlike wonder to it too – which isn’t surprising since the track is based on the journey of the animated character Owun. Tabrill lets us explore the inner dialogue of his protagonist as he embarks on the quest for self-discovery. Hit play:


“Upon finding an old photograph, our protagonist Owun comes to the realization that the memories of his past aren’t as clear as he thought. Actually, he can’t really remember anything. Who was he in his past life? Where did he come from? What else has he forgotten? Why has he forgotten? Determined to scrape together even just a fragment of his memory, Owun sets out to find the source of the photograph. With no real idea where to even begin searching Owun just starts walking in no particular direction. ‘Lossless’ acts as a sort of inner-monologue for Owun throughout his journey,” Tabrill shared.

Tabrill is a Brisbane producer who has gotten much attention for his uncanny ability to craft mind-stretching sounds. We don’t know much about Emily who chooses to remain mysterious for now. Maybe her name isn’t even Emily…maybe Tabrill is Emily. The conspiracy continues…