Love Becomes Isolation In The Virtual World In ‘Senses’

Love in lonely utopia.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexan Sarikamichian

After dissecting the darkest sides of human nature in Evil Twins, Director Alexan Sarikamichian teams up with Francisco de la Fuente to explore love in virtual reality in their collaborative film Senses. It’s a short, sci-fi story where we follow a man and woman in quest of quenching their emotional thirst via digital means. We are transported into a society where people are dependent on technology at an emotional level. Senses exhibits the stunning visuals that virtual reality can offer where even feelings, such as love, can be boxed into a digital simulation where it feels limitless to the user. But at the same time, you can see the absence of authenticity and how an emotion that is supposed to make you be with others is now isolating people. Watch below:

“The undeniable and endless reproduction of ‘feelings’ that social media put forward. Telling a love story in a virtual reality setting was the challenge we set ourselves to accomplish. We wanted to tell a story in an intense way, that’s why our visual proposal was born and developed that way.” shared Francisco.

“We knew we wanted to tell a love story, but without any physical communication, thinking about the future and imagination. Two people that can connect through other senses, using technology in favor of love. We wanted to make a step forward and open the discussion about these ongoing debates in the digital era and Virtual Reality technologies.” explained Alex

Senses explores what is gained and lost with the growing technology – the astounding cinematography from these two directors presents us to a utopian world. However, as the film viewer, you are faced with a double-edged sword. You can vicariously taste the flawless world through the eyes of the protagonists, but you an also see how delusional and solitary the world of virtual reality it is.

Senses is an independently-funded film by Alexan and Francisco, who have already built an international reputation for their work. Alexan, originally from Argentina, has already produced over 10 short films, gotten his works nominated in The Cannes Film Festival and directed many music videos. Franciso de la Fuente, who is also from Argentina, won the Best International Film category at the Beijing Academy Film Festival for his debut short film INMENTIS.

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