R E L’s “Colors” Is The Evoca-Pop™ Single Your Life Needs

Another level of pop.

Photo: Agata Serge

Self-described evoca-pop™ artist, R E L, deconstructs lamestream pop with her own arsenal of avant-garde rhythms, sine waves, and electromagnetic synths to rebuild it into a celestial soundscape. Her latest single “Colors” is filled with spiky explosions that deliver a delirious rush that is both invigoratingly fast and warmly mellow. There is a ceaseless dreamy buzz throughout “Colors” that is hard to resist. Despite the buoyant celebratory mood, the song is R E L’s own sociopolitical statement that is calling for change…this is what evoca-pop™ is all about:

“I made evoca-pop because I want it to be for the masses (widely accessible) and evocative. Evoke – you evoke things with feeling, with intention, with magic. Evoke starts with “E”: E like enchant and r e l . Evocation colors my writing – and the music. In the world of evoca-pop™ you are innocent till proven guilty, magical till proven mundane, with heart until proven without. But I don’t try to prove without. I like to prove with. More than anything I hope my music inspires curiosity.” explained R E L on her Facebook page.

As far as we know, R E L has been songsmithing since 2015 and has already made waves with her previous singles “Plateau” and “Factory” which have stacked thousands of streams across the web. As of now, R E L is working on new material and is planning to release a new music video soon.