Wild & Free’s “Paradise” Will Make You Chill Like You’re On Acid

Electronic music with narcotic warm.

Photo: Wild & Free Facebook. Please don’t ask us what’s going on here…life is already complicated as it is.

Los Angeles-based duo, Wild & Free, wants to make all of our lives better by making us dose neuron-chilling music soaked with sun euphoria and acid peace. Their latest single, “Paradise”, is a laid-back electronic piece where the hissing choruses, swirling samples, and rhythmic distortion wrap us with narcotic warmth. “Paradise” feels like journeying through an expansive, otherworldly space where you get caught in this upbeat continuum while your consciousness dissolves into the song’s pulse. It’s a straightforward stoner track that makes you question your existence when you play it sober and forget your existence when you play it high. Play it however you want it:

“Paradise” is from the duo’s upcoming debut album, which is still in the works. Wild & Free is Drew Kramer and George Cochrane who live by Henry David Thoreau’s’ philosophy “All Good things Are Wild And Free.” They both like cilantro, so if they announce any show dates please gift them with organic, vegan, gluten-free, evil-free cilantro since they are from LA…just to be safe, you know.