Daily Holla Drops His New EP ‘the HYPERCOLOUR collection’ & Music Video “Footsteps”

Film meets electro art

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

The sound of Daily Holla can be summed into one word: alien. He is the kind of electronic producer who maintains a thoughtful and poetic rhythmic palette that adds an extra dimension into his soundscape. His beats are cloaked in distortion, but at the same time they are sharpened with arrhythmic beats. Listening to his EP, the HYPERCOLOUR collection, feels like you’re stepping into an abstract art piece. Certain moments provide a concrete soundscape that drive your thoughts to focus on particular emotions whereas in other instances your thoughts get scattered by its abstract texture. Indulge:

Also, check out the new music video “Footsteps” directed by Liam Blenkinsop:

“I love writing music, and I also love film. Film has been my priority over the past year or so, and most likely will be for the next year to come, so I feel the Daily Holla project will change up a bit. No more EPs for a while; I want to write and release music when it suits me. I’d love the project to be a platform for both my music and film,” Daily Holla shared.

Harry Deadman is the mastermind behind Daily Holla and while he has been endowed with a catchy EDM name (just think about all the monikers he could’ve come up with…DJ Deadman, Deadman Project, dEDMan…we’re jelly), he actually crafts outré electronic music that reminds you of other vanguard artists like Nicolas Jaar. As of now, Daily Holla hasn’t announced any live shows yet so we are assuming he is focusing on film…go holla at him on Facebook and Instagram.