Haiku Hands’ “Not About You” Is Your Official World Domination Soundtrack

Meet your new Aussie trip-hop bosses.

Photo: Haiku Hands Facebook

If we were to ever conquer the world, we want our world domination to be soundtracked with Haiku Hands’ “Not About You”. The track is saturated with badassery, adrenaline-kicking beats that makes you feel like you’re on auditory steroids. This is the track that makes you forget about the pain, slowness, restlessness, laziness, and all the brain-claustrophobic baggage that are holding you back from getting shit done. The beats hop with a neck-breaking intensity as the multi-vocal choruses slaps you to start acting like a boss and letting people know that’s it’s “Not About You” – hit play:

Claire Nakazawa and Beatrice Lewis are the masterminds behind Haiku Hands, who have already worked for other singers including Mark Pritchard and Urthboy. “Not About You” is their debut single, which has already earned them comparisons to artists such as M.I.A. and Le Tigre. As of now, Haiku Hands seem to be working on new music and hasn’t announced any show dates yet (although we have no doubt that they would kill it onstage).