Mauwe’s “That’s All” Is Warm, Reflective Pop For Endings

Endings give us relief.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Bristol duo, Mauwe, brings the warm undertones of summery air with a touch of soothing melancholia in their debut single “That’s All”. Taking off with a slow cello, “That’s All” immediately invites us into a meditative space where the vocals of Jay and Portia illustrate the one that got away. The rhythm quickly picks up as the fingersnaps and bouncing thumps lets the two singers highlight the buoyant peace that comes after breaking emotional ties with a person completely. Play below:

“Everyone knows that cathartic space after a relationship when the madness is all over and you’ve had time to think clearly and reflect on the whole thing” Mauwe explained, “‘That’s All’ is about a beautiful kind of relief, in which you can finally think about a person and not tie any kind of intense emotion to them.”

Jay and Portia have played in the same gig since they were 15 and even worked at the same restaurant. But it wasn’t until after a chance encounter at a bar that the two decided to form Mauwe. Expect to hear more from the duo in the upcoming months.