Fits’ Debut Album, ‘All Belief Is Paradise’, Will Be Out On Nov. 17

Meanwhile, kill time by having “Ice Cream On A Nice Day”

Photo: Nick Karp

Brooklyn quartet, Fits, will be debuting their album All Belief is Paradise on November 17th. Frontman Nicholas Cummins produced the album as a creative outlet to deal with the grief of his mother’s passing. Cummins shared that the album is about “returning to a busted up fucked up childhood after falling out of it and stabilizing yourself on your own.” It is therapeutic for both Cummins and his listeners, who can find their own space of emotional comfort. Check out “Ice Cream On A Nice Day” below:

Comprised of Nicholas Cummins, Brian Orante, Joe Galarraga, and Emma Witmer, Fits is a band mostly known for venturing out to different territories of genre. All Belief is Paradise was named after a line in Lisa Robertson’s novel The Weather and showcases the classic as well as evolving sound of Fits. As of now, Fits hasn’t announced any tour dates yet but expect to hear more as we near the album release date.