FØNX Will Take You To The Trippy Side Of His Mind In “Can’t Get Enough”

Psychedelic excursion into FØNX’ mind.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Rising UK trip-hop artist, FØNX, slips between reality and hallucination in his single “Can’t Get Enough” where he gives us a glimpse of the psychedelic excursion he had in his mind. Toying with an array of psychedelic, R&B, and trip-hop ingredients, FØNX takes us outside of the space-time continuum and dissolves us into a kaleidoscopic dimension. “Can’t Get Enough” feels like a party track, but at the same time cracks your consciousness open and pours its narcotic warmth to it. Memorize the lyrics:

“I wanted to create something moody, dark and visual with fun bright colours. This is the vibe I had in mind to reflect the lyrics in the song about tripping out. I wanted to try bridge the gap between lyric and music video and almost invite the audience/listener in, so they’re watching with me in this trippy environment within my mind” shared FØNX.

Produced by the Grammy-winner, Tommaso Colliva (Muse), “Can’t Get Enough” is FØNX’ latest work, who has already made his name in London’ music scene. He often performs at Sofar Sounds, so if you want to know how he sounds live, watch below:

As of now, FØNX is working on new music and has show dates coming up:

8/30 – Sofar Sounds (Cardiff, UK)

9/8 – The Spice of Life (London, UK)

9/19 – The Bedford (Balham, UK)

10/26 – Aloft Hotel (London, UK)