Son Lux’ Video “Dangerous” Eerily Captures The Human Spirit For Survival

The couple that stays together, survives together.

Photo: Son Lux – Dangerous (Official Video) YouTube

NY-based trip hop/experimental trio, Son Lux, vicariously triggers our flight-or-fight response with their video “Dangerous”. The video, directed by Alex Cook, is a hauntingly, enigmatic tale of survival where we see a couple escape a dark room that seems to drive its inhabitants mad. The theatrical grandiosity of the melody adds an extra layer of suspension to the story. From start to finish, “Dangerous” keeps you tangled into a dense, atmospheric tension that scratches your masochistic desires through its gory aestheticism. It is stressfully invigorating and the video amplifies this vivid sensation by showing you people on the verge of madness and survival. Play below:

“Dangerous” is from Son Lux EP Remedy, which came out on May 12th. All the proceeds to the album will support the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization that advocates civil rights and public interest litigation. Comprised of Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia, and Ian Chang, Son Lux formed back in 2008 and has already made their names in the global indietronic scene. They have played at various international festivals and released four LPs. As of now, Son Lux hasn’t announced any tour dates yet.