When Everyone Seems To Live A Better Life Than Yours, Play White Fever’s “Everyone’s Got Their Price”

Bittersweet dream pop.

Photo: Courtesy of Big Mouth Publicity

As you scroll down your feed through photos of engagements and overpriced brunch, you start wondering “How the hell is everyone at my age living without roommates or getting married to which I wasn’t invited?” Social media is toxic in a way that it makes you delusional in thinking that everyone except you have their shit together. But rather than searching for imperfections in others, White Fever encourages you to embrace the life that you have since it only belongs to you and no one else. “Everyone’s Got Their Price” is almost a therapeutic song that has a fair amount of melancholic undertones covered with aerated percussions. Melodically, the track feels like a race that shuffles through thoughts as the dripping drums and chords stride alongside the singer Ida Jacobsson-Wells’ croons. Stream below:

“Everyone’s Got Their Price” is from White Fever’s upcoming EP Concrete, which will be out on September 29th. Aside from Ida, White Fever is comprised of Seán O’Reilly (guitar), Joe Donaldson (bass/backing vocals) and Josh Wiliams (drums). Based in London, the quartet met while they were playing in other bands and were quickly influenced by their common music taste to form White Fever. As of now, White Fever has a show date coming up:

9/23 – The Lock Tavern (Camden, UK)