ARY’s “Already There” Is The Shameless Love Song That You Can Unapologetically Indulge

It’s not a guilty pleasure synthpop…it’s shameless pleasure.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

“There was an avalanche / In it I found something I once forgot / Deeper than my skin’s walls / Human embrace that takes me further” chants Norwegian songstress, ARY, in her new single “Already There”. It is a love song, but the deliberate metaphors and grand-sized beats almost disguise it as being from such. Rather than using a quixotic, chest-swelling approach, ARY takes a spikey one by initially drenching you with atmospheric intensity before she starts rolling out punchy choruses and cinematic beats. This is the kind of love song that captures the overwhelming emotional weight and blindfolding carnal desire we experience for someone.

“I get the feeling that it’s almost a bit taboo to write about love these days. Or shameless love, anyway. There always has to be something blocking a relationship – whether it is a broken heart or just that you want a one night stand, or whatever. It seems like it’s not that cool to simply like someone, you know? Just having a good time. But I am. I’m having a shamelessly good time.” Shared ARY.

Ariadne Loinsworth is the mastermind behind ARY, who has made waves in major radio stations across Europe (BBC Radio 1, NRK P3, etc.) and international press with her single “Childhood Dreams” earlier this year. As of now, ARY has show dates coming up so go see her live:

9/20 – Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg, Germany)

10/28 – Manic Street Parade (Munich, Germany)

10/29 – Studio 672 (Cologne, Germany)

11/2 – Berghain Kantine (Berlin, Germany)