Evee Peels Off The Different Layers Of Heartache In Her New Pop Single “Incredible”

Laid-back indie pop

Photo: Courtesy of Siri Music Group

Singer/songwriter Evee explores the multiple layers of heartbreak in her new pop single “Incredible” – a soothingly melancholic and broody piece that muses over the pain. The melody in “Incredible” embraces a tasteful tranquility where its minimalistic instrumentals allow Evee’s crispy vocals be the driving force of the track. Lyrically, the song deals with the emotional heftiness that weighs us down after a breakup, but Evee’s croons and light composition provides a serene avenue to reflect. Even if you’re not dealing with any breakups, “Incredible” is a laid-back pop that you can indulge to cool off your brain:


“This song reflects the different levels of pain that we all go through and can look back on as an experience that we learn from,” shared the songstress.

Evee has been making waves in the pop scene since debuting her single “Lone Wolf,” which has already stacked up 300k streams on Sportify and was included in Starbucks’ playlist. She’s currently working on her debut EP and will be announcing tour dates soon, so stay tuned.