Practice Patience With Hanne Hukkelberg’s New Ethereal Pop Single “Embroidery” ft. Emilie Nicolas

Song born out of wooden floor.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Recordings

Norwegian artist Hanne Hukkelberg frames and alleviates the pain of patience in her new single “Embroidery” featuring Emilie Nicolas. The track has an otherworldly aura to it, where the synthpop melody is distorted with dripping echoes and creaks that suspends you into its abstract structure. Evoking uncanny samples and broody tone, “Embroidery” taps into the struggle of pursuing a creative profession and the patience that it requires to endure. It is a bit chaotic, but the aesthetics of “Embroidery” resonate the addictive beauty that creativity produces. Stream below:

Hanne wrote the track alongside her bandmate/collaborator, Mai Elise, while they were staying in Berlin. “I found myself lying on the wooden floor, under my table, writing the lyrics and melody to this song. I was fascinated by the squeaky sounds in the floor – which you can hear in the final recording – and the bell-ish sound is from the big iron stairs in the apartment we were staying at in Berlin. The vocal sample at the beginning of the song is taken from ‘My Devils’ – a track on my last album, ‘Featherbrain’ (2012) – and you can also hear my grandmother’s old piano in the recording.” she shared.

“Embroidery” is from Hanne’s upcoming fifth album Trust, which will be out on October 20th. Hanne gained wide acclaim for her Norwegian Grammy Award-winning record, Rykestrasse 68, which she released back in 2006. Since then, she has become an international artist and expanded her fanbase across Europe. As of now, she has a show coming up:

10/24 – Rockefeller (Oslo, Norway)