Dutch Party Gets Robbed & Finds Love While Roller-Skating In “Blade Runner”

This is what happens when you try to take over the UPS guy’s job.

Photo: Dutch Party – Blade Runner YouTube

LA-based indie band, Dutch Party, teaches us exactly what happens when you go on a package delivery at night in their new video “Blade Runnner.” And to make things better (?), it’s in Chinatown. We see the frontman Ken Franklin wearing goggles and cape as he roller-skates through LA with a giant suitcase that screams ROB ME under the dim lights. Despite his hero-like outfit, he gets mugged by two skaters and doesn’t really fight crime or anything…but he does find a personal heroine who rescues him from feeling ultra shitty about losing his package. So if you ever want to find the love of your life, we suggest you to stick to swiping and UPS:

“Blade Runner” time-capsules you into a vintage-y atmosphere where the buoyant lo-fi tune takes you into a quiet mental party of your own. The hazy background’s buzz and megaphoned vocals capture the intimate indulgence that nostalgia provides. The track is from the band’s self-produced second EP, Combat Pop, which will be out this fall.

Ken Franklin started the Dutch Party project after moving into Echo Park (LA region where musicians & hobos live symbiotically) and quickly gained success by landing placements on major networks (ABC, MTV) and Billboard. The band has already garnered over three million streams on Spotify. As of now, Dutch Party hasn’t announced any tour dates yet.

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