Kill The Ideal Takes Us Into The Explosive Territories Of Rock’N’Roll In “Dangerous!”

Dangerously addictive

Photo: Kill The Ideal Facebook

UK rock trio, Kill The Ideal, invades our ears with their smashing new single “Dangerous!” where the bursting drums and striking chords yield an explosive delightfulness. It is rock at its most authentic aggressive state where every beat fuels you with invigorating madness. “Dangerous!” is not just a glorious expression of rock spirit, but also a therapeutic track that helps you flush out whatever is boiling inside you. It’s like tackling your own private aggression and oppression with the same emotions (but in song form) and that somehow gives you a peaceful release. Stream below:

Frontman Ash Wilson explained that “Dangerous!” is largely influenced from his childhood days of being a victim of bullying. “The person that gave me inspiration for this song irritates the hell out of me! ‘Dangerous!’ is about looking your enemies in the face and squaring up to them with a smile. I went through hell and high water and ‘Dangerous!’ was the result…it’s gonna stick to you like a leech.”

Kill The Ideal kicked off UK rock scene with their 2015 debut EP, Heritage, which gained wide acclaim form the press and radio. Since then, the band has undergone a lineup change becoming a three-piece act. “Dangerous!” is from their upcoming self-titled EP, which will be out on October 17th. As of now, the trio has tour dates coming up:

9/17 – Soccer Six Fest (London, UK)

9/29 – Pi Bar (Leicester, UK)

9/30 – Thinking Cap Alldayer (Leeds, UK)

10/28 – 2Q Festival (Lincoln, UK)