Nightshifts’ “All Along” Is The Graceful Offspring Of Soul Mating With Psychedelia

Nocturnal, chill-out feel.

Photo: Jack Fowler

Nightshifts plugs us into a vintage-y atmosphere with his new single “All Along” where we get immersed into a chilled-out psychedelic dimension infused with soulful warmth. Nightshifts strikes our heartstrings with bursts of chords and sleek voice that cultivate an atmospheric vibe that’s timeless, but at the same time has a classic touch to it. “Tell me what would it take to be your only one?” croons Nightshifts. His echoing vocals slink into the background buzz to create a romantic and laid-back air that makes “All Along” perfect track to chill with during the late hours of the night:

“My ‘All Along’ track is a love song about having to wait for the right moment to tell someone how you feel. I wrote and recorded the track in my unfurnished apartment when I first moved downtown; just sitting on the floor with my guitar, mics, and synths. I crafted it to sound like it was created at the bottom of the sea” shared Nightshifts.

Nightshifts is a young, upcoming artist from Toronto who has spent most of his nocturnal hours songsmithing. He caught Bon Iver’s attention with his remix of “Michicant”, in which Bon Iver tweeted about him and paid him $2000 to release the remix through JagJaguwar. As of now, Nightshifts is working on his own material, so expect to hear more from him soon.

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