Hazey Eyes Is Bringing Emotional Dance Music (EDM) With “Some Reasons” Ft. FEELDS

Emotional hangover cure.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Philly artist Hazey Eyes is bringing a new form of EDM known as Emotional Dance Music with his single “Some Reasons” featuring the vocals of FEELDS. It is not your typical fist-pumping, nonsense motoric music; it is the opposite. “Some Reasons” is a mellow electronic piece that feels like an emotional hangover cure after experiencing a loss – whatever the loss is – and processes heartache with an intricate rhythmic buildup of cymbals, fingersnaps, and samples. Capturing both the low and high intensity of heartbreak, Hazey Eyes takes us into a slow hearwarming EDM waltz:

Raised between Philly and New Jersey, Hazey Eyes grew up in a musical family and is a classically trained instrumentalist. The 21-year-old has already been ranked as the Top 5 players in his state and has already released his EP Goodbye back in 2016. As of now, he is working on releasing his new EP via Majestic Casual soon.