Sampson Gives Us A Slow-Burning Taste Of Time With Her Debut “Shake The Fire”

Buoyant melancholia

Photo: Sampson Facebook

Canadian poptress Sampson takes us into mankind’s never-ending private battle against time with her debut single “Shake The Fire” – a minimalistic yet lush piece with moody undertones. It is not a depressive track (otherwise we wouldn’t feature it), but one that is reflective and provides a blissful release from our fixation with time. Sampson’s croons gently nudge us into accepting that time is out of our control while the melody opens up a soundscape filled with cheerful melancholia. Stream below.

“’Shake The Fire’ is about papa (my grandad), who was a huge supportive force in my music,” she shared. “His passing was really hard for my family because he was so invested in me and my siblings. Feeling grief was definitely a time when I came to understand mortality as more than just a word people use. I wrote ‘Shake The Fire’ while realising that we never really have full control of anything, especially not time.”

The single is from Sampson’ upcoming debut album which deals with themes of heartache, loss, and despair. Sampson wrote the song while she was struggling with depression, which explains the emotional rawness and therapeutic quality of it. As of now, no album release or tour dates have been revealed, but expect new Sampsongs in the next upcoming months.