Youthfire Pulls Our Heartstrings Closer To Vulnerability In His New Single “Puppet”

Mellow pop.

Photo: Courtesy of Youthfire

Aussie artist, Youthfire, exposes human frailty at its most pristine state with exquisite minimalism in his new single “Puppet.” With a whirring tune that bares the gleaming aestheticism of ambient pop, Youthfire swoops you into a celestial soundscape where you can’t help but indulge. “Puppet” lends a feeling of sanctuary rather than reflection, where Youthfire croons our private vulnerability and doubts that someone can have absolute control over. With a mellow blissful flair, Youthfire chants “You could say anything you want to me / And I’d believe it / You could do anything you want to me / Because I’d feel it.” It’s an intimate lush piece that needs to be dosed on-repeat:

“I wanted ‘Puppet’ to feel like you’re having an intimate conversation with a close friend. I wanted to sing about trust. In order to explore this, I imagined a character struggling with issues around trust in a relationship. I tried to picture who this character was? What had they gone through? What was overpowering them? I looked for ways to explore this character’s world, singing from their perspective about the complexities of human relationships.” shared Youthfire.

Stephen Carmichael is the mastermind behind Youthfire, who captured Brisbane’s indietronic scene with his single “World On Fire” back in June 2014. Since then he moved to Melbourne and started building a solid fanbase and making waves across press with his intricately intimate sound. “Puppet” is from his upcoming EP, which he hasn’t disclosed any release dates yet so stay tuned.


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