Bay Ledges’ “Safe” Is A Video Worth 100s Of Shots & Unlimited Plays

Soft core, indie rock with sparks of soul.

Photo: Bay Ledges – Safe (Official Music Video) YouTube

Stop motion mates with 360 view while taking acid in Bay Ledges’ new video “Safe.” You’re not hallucinating when you see the apartment change within the blink of an eye – in one second you see the sibling duo performing together before one of them poofs away instantly. Comprised of more than 100 shots, the video gives us a carousel-like tour of an apartment where we are given glimpses of the duo performing together and working with the director to produce the video. “Safe” is a soulful, indie rock piece that is nestled in the cusp between reality and dream – the dramatic flair (“We could fly to the moon / Get there by tomorrow afternoon”) is counterbalanced by the realistic emotional uncertainty (“I don’t wanna speak too soon / But I think I love you”) that comes during the initial stages of love.

Just like the song, the video depicts clips of both the dreamy sides of the video and behind-the-scenes look of the work that goes into creative work.

“Safe” is from Bay Ledges’ EP Fountain Tropical, which was released back in August 18th. Comprised of the sibling duo Zach and Georgina Hurd, Bay Ledges was named after the plot of land owned by their grandparents in the Mane woods. The band formed serendipitously after Zach moved from NYC to LA, leaving his music career behind and taking a job at a restaurant in Venice. He started writing “Safe” after coming back from his restaurant job with no intentions of releasing; however, thankfully his sisters and friends pressured him to release in November 2016. The track quickly became an online hit, landing on Spotify’s Global Viral chart. As of now, the duo has show dates coming up:

11/16 – Holocene (Portland, OR, USA)

11/18 – The Independent (San Francisco, CA, USA)