Don’t Be Basic – Dream Big With Future Jr.’s “Suburbia Blue”

Ambient pop for big dreamers.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Recordings

New Aussie artist, Matt Nainby, already set the bar high in regards to what we can expect from him (which is a good thing?) – his debut single “Suburbia Blue” is ambient pop that hits all the emotional pressure points. Taking off with smoky melancholia, “Suburbia Blue” gracefully bursts into a cosmic endorphin explosion that takes you to starry heights. From bone-chilling ambiance to flaming choruses, Future Jr. sways between two extreme ambiences with an uncanny finesse. As a listener, you can feel the coldness towards the traditional (“Never bought suburbia dreams / Here I’ve got nothing to prove”) and the burning desire to pursue something larger than what is known (“Small towns never held me / I’m more than sidewalk routine”). Stream below:

“It’s all about feeling out of place, figuring out who you really are, and learning to deal with the dreams that feel bigger than you” shared Future Jr.

“Suburbia Blue” is from Future Jr.’s debut EP, Vacancy, which was released on September 8th via Kobalt. Matt Nainby is the mastermind behind Future Jr., who started songsmithing in his parents’ house in Brisbane. Although he lists Toro y Moi, Lorde, and Winston Surfshirt (haha what a rad moniker) as his influences, we think Future Jr. has his own signature sound that stands in the hive between ambitious dream pop and synthgasmic ambience. As of now, Future Jr. hasn’t announced any show dates yet, based on Facebook stalking he will be releasing a new music video soon.