Meet The Mad Silent Scientist Of Dreamy Synthwave: BRAUN

The dude who brought you Silent Science.

Photo: Braun Facebook

Portland-based bagel enthusiast/songsculptor, BRAUN, brings us the sound of lucid dreams schmeared with dark 80s ambiance and mesmeric waves in his new single “Silent Science.” Built on a pointillistic synth structure, the track feels like it expands melodically and provides a spacious fluidity that quickly swirls you into its trance. But as you delve deeper into “Silent Science”, you start picking up the intricate details individually. “Silent Science” feels like being in two polar opposites at the same time – simplicity coexists with complexity. The retro 80s vibe is met with the futuristic vibe of Braun’s multi-layered vocals. It is almost as if the purpose of “Silent Science” is placing you into one end or the other, but letting you pick the side. You decide:

The single is from BRAUN’s upcoming debut EP, Silent Science, which will be out on October 6th via Diving Bell Recording Company. The EP will include a sax solo from Charlie DeChant of Hall & Oates (BRAUN’s dad Michael used to play drums in H&O). As you can tell, BRAUN is already a seasoned musician who has spent the last ten years in the band Mackintosh Braun before embarking on his solo project. Right now, BRAUN hasn’t announced any tour dates yet, but you can find him on Facebook and Instagram. Btw, check out “Prague” too:

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