Queen Alaska’s “Run To You” Goes Out For All The Victims/Participants Of Commitment Phobia

Commitment is too much work.

Photo: Liberty Music PR

German songstress, Queen Alaska, taps into the Millennial epidemic of commitment phobia in her new single “Run To You” – an indietronic pop piece that chillfully and gracefully navigates through the controversial subject. “Run To You” starts off from a tranquil space and gradually starts building up as the aerated synths start breathing into the melody. It is a song that showcases a minimalism with grand-sized beats; stream below:

“‘Run To You’ is about the trouble that sometimes comes with making a decision or a commitment. Berlin is a city full of opportunities, full of young, beautiful people, so it is hard to fully commit to something when there’s a possibility of someone or something better that might come round soon. The city seems to whisper, you have to stay free and fully live the moment there. It sounds so easy but after a while it brings heaviness and loneliness. The urge for dedication comes up and kicks in at the wrong moment – and you are caught in the beautifully tragic circle of our commitment-phobic generation. There was a time when I was lost in that circle as well, and I could also see it everywhere around me. So I wrote a little song about it with lyrics that subtly but constantly contradict themselves.. “‘I’m gonna run, I’m gonna run to you and I will never ever turn around again…run to you / turn around again / run to you / I will turn around again.’” explained Queen Alaska.

Anneli Bentler is the mastermind behind Queen Alaska who is also a composer, producer, vocalist, and audiovisual artist. “Run To You” is from her EP, Interlude of The Inner Voice I/II, which came out on September 1st. She hasn’t shared any tour dates yet.