Slip Into Trip Hop Madness With Elkkle’s “Frails”

A smoky portrayal of human frailty.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Melbourne-based artist, elkkle, is one mysterious 22-year-old who doesn’t share much in social media – but his music speaks for his dexterity in crafting melancholic trip hop. His latest single, “Frails,” transports us to a bone-chilling space where the intricate arrangement of samples and glinting beats add an ethereal touch to the moody fume. Tapping into human frailty, “Frails” breathes out the emotional despair our minds often carry and can weigh down on our shoulders. It is a bittersweet piece:

“‘Frails’ is about the relationship between mental and physical health. Sometimes when one begins to slip, it’s very easy to let it drag the other one down. It describes feelings of fragility, hopelessness, and isolation. Albeit with a desire to be better, it’s all very grim, but I guess the last line is kind of poking fun at how temporary those feelings can be, despite how serious they seem at the time,” shared elkkle.

Elkkle started making waves after supporting Golden Vessel’s East Coast tour in Australia. “Frails” is from his upcoming debut EP, which he hasn’t disclosed any release dates yet. Stay tuned for new music from the upcoming Aussie artist in the next few months.