KROY Shares Her Demonic Side & Perfect Eyebrows In “Monstrosity”

Dare to challenge her a staring contest…just dare.

Photo: KROY – Monstrosity [official music video] YouTube

There are two takeaways from KROY’s new video “Monstrosity” – eye contact is very uncomfortable and she has flawless eyebrows. The video is a close-up of KROY’s face, who looks like she is possessed and makes us very uncomfortable with her changing expressions. In one second she looks normal, but then the next second she looks like she’s about to kill someone. Showcasing the same dark and eerie tones of Malanie Martinez, KROY haunts us with her croons and bone-chilling midtempo beats that are in no rush to slay our playlist…because she knows we’ll easily fall prey to her:

“Monstrosity” is from KROY’s debut album Scavenger, which came out on September 23rd. As of now, the Canadian songstress has tour dates coming up:

11/18 – Mouton Noir (Val David, Canada)

2/24 – Église Emmanuel (Cowansville, Canada)