Imitating Aeroplanes “H.I.T.S.” Us With Psyche-Prog Bomb

Head In The Sand.

Photo: Kristen Stubberud & Simen Skari

Norwegian duo, Imitating Aeroplanes, sweeps us off to another progressive dimension with their new single “H.I.T.S.” – which stands for “head in the sand.” It is a cosmic pop piece that swishes inside your head and bursts in the most unexpected moments, stretching our minds to the unknown waters of psychedelia. Despite its explosiveness, “H.I.T.S” is actually about avoding confrontation. Hit play below

“‘H.I.T.S.’ is probably the most straight-up track on the album. It’s not at all metaphorical as a concept, it’s about avoiding confrontation and just burying your head in the sand” shared Tord Øverland Knudsen.

Comprised of Tord (The Wombats) and Marius Drogsås Hagen (Team Me), Imitating Aeroplanes is a power duo who already earned Norwegian Grammy Award and NME/MTV Award nominations from their previous projects. “H.I.T.S.” is from the duo’s debut album Planet Language, which will be out on September 22nd via Propeller Recordings.