Julian Borrego’s New Video “Small Talk” Is Psyche Pop On Vaporwave Steroids

Drag queens, random Korean, and Julian with a wig…there’s a lot going on.

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May PR

Julian Borrego’s newest video “Small Talk” is a misleading title – there’s nothing microscopic in the scale of mind-funking in both the song and the video. The video looks like psyche-pop took vaporwave steroids and threw up at a drag show – at some point we spot random Korean scribbles on the screen. “Small Talk” is a visual representation of LA’s essence. It portrays the city’s glamour through the drag queens, cultural hodgepodge, distracting shininess, and unapologetic fashion. The laid-back funk vibe of the melody radiates the sun-spoiled buoyancy that exists in the air despite the urban chaos that saturates the place. But again, we might be just overinterpreting a video born out of psychedelics:

Julian Borrego has hopscotched among different bands under Universal and Warner, including Stone Temple Pilots, before pursuing a solo. “Small Talk” is from Julian’s debut EP, Ouroboros, which came out on May 21st. As of now, Julian hasn’t shared any show dates yet.