Maximillian Teaches Us The Art Of Emotional Abstinence In “Strangers”

It’s not even friendzoning…it’s strangerzoning.

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Danish rising singer Maximillian gives us a therapeutic soundscape with his R&B single “Strangers” – a woozy, propulsive track that takes us into the odyssey of emotional detachment. The midtempo motion of the melody and smoky echoes create an intimate space that raises your goosebumps. The narrative that Maximillian tells in “Strangers” is finding solace in heartache, where he muses over emotional abstinence as he shuffles through infidelity and emptiness of a relationship. Maximilian’s voice is the pacesetter of the track – his heart-pounding vocals overpower the melancholic arrangements, quickly fueling you with cathartic rush. Play below:

“I feel that sometimes, it’s better to leave the past behind and be a stranger to someone you once knew or to the things you’ve done. Being strangers can be a last resort. Give the song a spin and make the words your own” shared Maximillian

Unlike his previous single “Feelings” where he swept us to romantic heavens, Maximillian depicts the demolished illusions of someone who has been unfaithful. This is not your typical heartbreak song about being okay in the friendzone club – this is a genuine depiction of reality where you exile someone to the strangerzone with the smoothest R&B flair.

Maximillian is only 19 wtf and despite releasing only few singles, he has already amassed thousands of streams and built a solid fanbase. As of now, he has a show date coming up so go see him live if you happen to be in Denmark:

10/28 – DR Koncerthuset (Copenhagen, Denmark)