Rocky Wood’s “Enough” Teaches Us To Never Underestimate The Power of Overdoing

Psychedelic folk.

Photo: Courtesy of 5ive Roses Press

Rocky Wood sounds like a gourmet cheese brand of Swiss and American cheese – but it’s actually a Swiss-American pop band that is not afraid of smudging the sonic palette of psychedelia, pop and folk in their works. Their latest video “Enough” is a slo-mo depiction of what happens when you take horseplaying too far. The music space of “Enough” is flowy where there is a constant rhythmic buzz that stretches throughout the song. Rocky Wood adds variation into the song by sparkling a specific effect, buildup, or riffs that warp this flow. “Enough” shrouds you with a deceiving tranquility while pushing you to the blurry lines of what is considered funny and overboard:

“The video is a childish representation of the power of extremism. A demonstration of how even the simple act of tickling, when taken too far, is no longer funny.” shared the video director Barbara Lehnnhoff.

“Enough” is from Rocky Wood’s upcoming EP, Ok, No Wait, which will be out on October 6th. Formed back in 2012, Rocky Wood is comprised of Fabio Besomi, Romina Kalsi, Roberto Pianca, Stefano Senni, and Nelide Bandellow, who interchangeably take different roles in the band. From banjos to glockenspiels, the band ventures out beyond the typical guitar-drums-keys triangle. As of now, the quintet have show dates coming up in Europe so go see them live:

Europe 2017 tour

11/1 – Bar 3000 (Zurich, Switzerland)

11/2 – Supersonic (Paris, France)

11/3 – MDA (Tinqueux, France)

11/4 – Le Grattoir (Gérardmer, France)

11/5 – L’international (Paris, France)

11/7 – Glocksee (Hannover, Germany)

11/9 – Spazio Aereo (Venezia, Italy)

11/10 – Mono (Locarno, Switzerland)

11/11 – Mauz (Einsiedeln, Switzerland)

11/22 – Swiss Radio showcase – Studio Due (Lugano, Switzerland)

11/23 – Carmen Town (Brescia, Italy)

Europe 2018 tour

1/12 – La Fabbrica (Losone, Switzerland)

1/13 – Arci Gagarin (Busto Arsizio, Italy)