X Ambassadors Recorded Their Vocals Live For The Video “Ahead Of Myself”

No lip-synching involved.

Photo: X Ambassadors – Ahead Of Myself YouTube

American rock trio, X Ambassadors, took a bold leap in their new video “Ahead of Myself” where instead of lip-synching the old-fashioned way, they decided to record the vocals live on the spot. The video, directed by Jake Kovnat, features the three musketeers strolling through the streets of Rochester, New York where we see frontman Sam Harris singing along with other noises in the neighborhood. If you ever wondered how X Ambassadors look and sound like while running errands on the streets, this is the exact depiction of it:

“With the ‘Ahead Of Myself’ video, we wanted to take something that everyone takes for granted in music videos and turn that on its head. Instead of lip-synching along to the words, the vocals would be recorded live, in the moment. We hoped to create something vulnerable and imperfect with this video, because that’s what the song is all about – embracing your fears and still diving in head-first” explained Sam.

“Ahead Of Myself” is the lead single from their upcoming sophomore album, which was produced by the multi-platinum producer Scott Harris (Shawn Mendes, Chainsmokers). The trio has show dates coming up:

9/15 – Kaaboo (San Diego, CA, USA)

9/22-23 – Cayuga Sound (Ithaca, NY, USA)

9/29 – Murphy Arts District (El Dorado, AR, USA)

12/2 – 97X Next Big Thing (Tampa, FL, USA)