The Man Who’s “This High” Captures The Pure Bliss Of A Stoner, Romantic, & Adrenaline Junkie

High to the point of DGAF.

Photo: Courtesy of The Man Who

Canadian cousin duo, The Man Who, captures the pivotal point of “high” scale in their new single “This High.” Embodying the enlightening blissful point that every stoner, romantic, or adrenaline junkie has reached, “This High” is a hybrid of rock/pop that is statically invigorating. It reminds you of the earlier works of Imagine Dragons, where you feel like being part of a theatrical soundscape where you’re caught in the explosive chemistry between the vocals and melody. “This High” is about being at the zenith of your high odyssey where you get a glimpse of nirvana. Stream below:

“This track is about a high, and the way in which it can consume us to the point where nothing else matters. Whether it’s a drug high, an infatuation high or a plain old natural adrenaline high, we’ve all, at some point, experienced this intense feeling” explained the duo.

Formed in Toronto, The Man Who have been songsculpting together in their basement studio, trying to push the boundaries of rock and pop. If this song made you feel high, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.