Black Futures Sends Us Future Punk Transmissions Via “Karma Ya Dig!?”

Nostalgia in futuristic sound.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

UK rising future punk duo, Black Futures, likes to take you on an interstellar odyssey where heavenly indietronica beats swirls into a dark punk dimension. Their debut single “Karma Ya Dig” captures the youthful boldness of our early 20s (aka YOLO stage) in an electromagnetic soundscape. “Karma Ya Dig!?” has all the big trimmings of cosmic psychedelia, but beneath the artificial layers lies the a sweet, emotional nostalgia:

The duo explained, “‘Karma Ya Dig!?’ is about that summer in your early twenties soaked in reckless abandon and calamity. Buddies bound by a pure youthful nihilistic will to adventure, to be outcasts and to destroy everything. Losing some of those characters tragically along the way, we like to keep them existing in the purity of that positively distorted memory.”

Black Futures is a London-based duo on the rise who haven’t shared much yet except for their debut. All we know is that they want to conquer the world…musically. So stay tuned for more Black Futures’ songs in the upcoming months.