Mashup Monday: Imagine Dragons, Twenty Øne Piløts, Marshmello, Adele & Lorde “Kids No More”

When you realize how much adulting sucks…

Photo: magine Dragons / Twenty Øne Piløts / Marshmello / Adele / Lorde – Kids No More (MASHUP) YouTube

Putting up with all the shitshow that comes with adulthood can often feel absurd, hopeless, and WTF-ed. You can complain to a therapist if you happen to have insurance and doctor parents that cover your rent (and the insurance). But for those of us who live in a peasant budget, the most affordable and best therapy is cheap wine and Kill_mR_DJ mashups’ “Kids No More.” It is a heavenly blend of mood-boosting and heart-wrenching songs that taps into all the emotional pressure points. Not all the songs are based on the pains of growing up, but this lyrical discrepancy is what makes “Kids No More” so befitting with adulating – there are so much going on at the same time that makes you realize you are no longer a kid:

Songs used:

Imagine Dragons – “Thunder”

Twenty Øne Piløts – “Stressed Out”

Marshmello – “Alone”

Adele – “Send My Love”

Lorde – “Royals”