Embrace Your Creative Hot Mess With Plastic Flowers’ “How Can I”

Dream pop immersed in shoegaze chaos

Photo: Courtesy of The Native Sound

London-based producer, Plastic Flowers, drives us to the electromagnetic crossover between dream pop and shoegaze in his new single “How Can I.” Built on a gauzy structure with a hissing buzz, “How Can I” gives you peace by blocking out external chaos with its own chaos. The fuzzy density of the song fades out any external noise and takes you into a buoyant sphere where Plastic Flowers smudges your thoughts with his messy sonic palette. The result is an abstract soundscape where you find comfort in the lack of structure. Stream below:

“How Can I” is from Plastic Flowers’ upcoming third LP, Absent Forever, which will be out on November 10th. George Samaras is the creative mind behind Plastic Flowers, who vaguely started this project in 2011. He recorded the new LP in less than three months around different parts of London – not to mention, he was also managing his PhD workload (kudos to you doc!). If you have questions regarding his music or grad school, follow him on Facebook or Instagram.