Midnight Pool Party Sends Us Groove-Ready “Signals”

Your electronic cue to the dancefloor.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie duo, Midnight Pool Party, is back with a dance-ready electro piece called “Signals.” Exuding a cool air of smooth house and covered with the trimmings of pop hooks, “Signals” transmits infectious vibrations of warm sunset parties during the last days of summer. Thematically, “Signals” taps into how miscommunication can get the best out of a relationship. Stream below:

“We wanted to create a track with a smooth vibe, but implement an MPP groove suitable for our audience and the dance floor. We played around with so many different sounds, and different rhythms and we slowly pieced everything together until it sounded right and felt right. We had to make sure that we had an emotional connection to it, but that it also made us move and shake,” shared the duo.

“Signals” is the follow up of their recent debut EP, Dalliance, which is also a booty-shaker that has been bringing funky, disco bliss to the electronic music world. As of now, the duo hasn’t sent us any signals of upcoming shows, so stay tuned.