Teen Ravine’s “Hall Of Horrors” Is Your Lullaby Cure For Insomnia

Dedicated for all the nocturnal mind-wanderers out there.

Photo: Courtesy of Teen Ravine

Canadian duo, Teen Ravine, crafts adult lullabies – their latest single “Hall Of Horrors” is a heavenly slice of experimental pop that wraps you with a quiet, pain-numbing euphoria. Suspended in a celestial sphere, “Hall Of Horrors” is a dreamy and ironic depiction of the nightmarish struggle of trying to fall asleep. The fine, smoky melancholia that uncoils in the track captures the pain of insomnia in the most empathetic fashion. It is true – adults also need lullabies from time to time:

“In this song, we tried to capture the disoriented feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing where you are. Struggling to fall back asleep as your mind wanders to uncomfortable places. Feeling lost and reaching out for someone who’s no longer there” shared the duo.

Teen Ravine is comprised of Nick Rose and Dan Griffin, who are currently based in Toronto. “Hall Of Horrors” is from their upcoming self-titled debut LP, which they describe it “as an exploration of physical and emotional alienation.” It is based on the experiences of the two who have gone through major life turmoil – one just ended a relationship while the other had spent an entire year recovering from a concussion in a dark room. The LP will be out sometime this October, so stay tuned via Facebook and Soundcloud.


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