Winter Gives Us The Colorful Version Of The Unglamorous Side Of Music Industry In “Jaded”

Smile onstage, cry backstage.

Photo: Courtesy of Force Field PR

LA-based dream pop band, Winter, dropped their high-spirited video “Jaded” where we see the band perform as they are surrounded by 90s nostalgia. The frontwoman, Samira Winter, exudes an infectious buoyant smile that is the antithesis of the track’s title. The festive atmosphere backed by the bouncy percussions and airy buzz make “Jaded” a colorful piece that playfully toys with our constant desire to avoid boredom. Watch below:

Winter formed back in Boston and is comprised of Samira Winter, Justine Brown, Chelsea Brown, and Anders LaSource. The quartet debuted their first album, Supreme Blue Dream, via Lolipop Records back in 2015. Samira wrote “Jaded” after observing how touring and music industry can exhaust musicians to the point of bitterness. Lyrically, the song tells the story from an outsider’s point of view who sees a band arrive late and perform with bitter tiredness. The video, however, is the complete opposite – which makes it a golden irony. As of now, Winter is on tour:

9/25 – Blonde Bar (San Diego, CA, USA)

10/2 – Vera Project (Seattle, WA, USA)

10/3 – The Cobalt (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

10/7 – Trans-Pecos (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

10/8 – Berlin (New York, NY, USA)

10/9 – Great Scott (Boston, MA, USA)

10/14 – Desert Daze Festival (Joshua Tree, CA, USA)