Amy Lawton Shares Her Commute In Her Video “Undone”

A look into East London from a musician’s lens.

Photo: Amy Lawton – Undone YouTube

We tend to miss out a lot during our work commutes for its familiarity. You may be walking or driving the same busy streets, but your mind is wandering elsewhere with a song, podcast, or whatever distraction. Rising songstress Amy Lawton gives us a glimpse into her commute to the studio and venues in her new video “Undone.” She takes us to different sides of East London, capturing the neck-breaking speed of the city as well as the most isolated parts. The melodic lightness of the song and Lawton’s velvety vocals add an air of spontaneity to it. Stream below:

“I enjoyed making a video which seemed as carefree as the song’s lyrics and reflected its upbeat nature. I was inspired by locations in East London, which I go to a lot. Regent’s Canal is my walk to the studio and Apples and Pears Bar is a place I’ve played live in a few times. Shooting the video in the daytime on busy streets was fun, sometimes it was difficult to shoot with a lot of cars and people but I like what that added to the video.”

Amy produced “Undone” alongside multi-platinum selling hit songwriter Matty Benbrook (Paolo Nutini, Jack Savoretti, Dido). She has already played at numerous venues around London, including London’s Cadogan Hall where she supported Jack Savoretti. As of now, Amy has a show date coming up:

10/9 – The Victoria (London, UK)