Scenic Route To Alaska Gifts Us Chill Pop While Teaching Us Adult Lessons In “Slow Down”

“…is about the inherent struggle of maintaining balance while always on the move.”

Photo: Scenic Route To Alaska Facebook

Canadian trio, Scenic Route To Alaska, pulls our rushing streams of thoughts and ties them with their gleaming chords with their new single “Slow Down.” The bouncy percussions and airy drums sweep your mind off the ground to a buoying state. It is not a slow, Zen-inducing jam, but rather a sunny chill track that is perfect for breaks. For all of us who feel overwhelmed trying to get everything done all at once, “Slow Down” is a perfect grounding song that reminds you to chill:

“‘Slow Down’ is about the inherent struggle of maintaining balance while always on the move. The song was inspired after burning rubber on the road for the majority of 2016/2017. The lyrics also hint at attempting to maintain relationships and a healthy lifestyle and is met by a big ol’ ‘I don’t think I’m ready for it’” shared the band.

Despite the band’s name, Scenic Route To Alaska is actually based in Edmonton (Alberta) and is comprised of Trevor Mann, Shea Connor, and Murray Wood who have been making music since they were teens. “Slow Down” is from their upcoming untitled LP, which will be released in 2018. Meanwhile, go see them live and ask what the LP will be called:

10/6 – Biltmore Cabaret (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

10/12 – Bo’s Bar and Grill (Red Deer, AB, Canada)

10/21 – The Garrison (Toronto, ON, Canada)