BATTS Frames Our Guilty Pleasure Into Mellow Indie Folk In “Little White Lies”

Little lies that become tiny truths to others.

Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

“Smoke it dissipates around me, / So I take another toke, / Then I tell my doctor I don’t smoke, / Little white lies” chants Tanya Batt, the Aussie songstress behind the project BATTS. Her latest single “Little White Lies” is a warm pop piece that has been funneled through fuzzy chord layers and breezy synths that nudges you towards a dream state. The mellow harmony depicts the lightness and humor of how much we use little white lies to get by – to an extent that they become the truth about us. Stream below:

The single is the latest work from BATTS, who is currently working on her EP. The Melbourne-based songstress has already built a wide fanbase in the Aussie indie folk/pop scene for her chill/mellow sound. As of now, BATTS hasn’t announced any new show dates since she is fully dedicating her time to finish her EP. So expect to hear more from her soon.