Scarlet Pleasure’s “Good Together” Is Euphonious Elegy For Hypothetical Romance

“We could’ve been good together.”

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Danish trio, Scarlet Pleasure, is back with their latest single “Good Together” – and it ebbs like a human heartbeat where the sultry vocals flow out the sadness and anger of a potential relationship that has been lost. Melodically, it is not as dense as the other works of the trio’s; however, the instrumental variety in here is rich and makes tribute to electropical pop, R&B, and trip hop. The whimsical xylophone taps and trumpets soar over the drums-bass-keys triumvirate, giving a splash of coastal vibe to the soundscape. The multi-layered vocals harmoniously swirl with the shiny guitar strings and entangle us into a clutter of emotions that rises when we have to let go of someone who could’ve been the one. From the remaining lust (“Can we make love one last time?”) to anger (“Who you think you’re playing? / Why are you looking me like I’m an alien”), Scarlet Pleasure helps us to mourn the loss of something that could have been so much more:

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“Deep down you know / We could’ve been good together / Good together” chants Scarlet Pleasure.

Comprised of Emil Goll, Alexander Malone, and Joachim Dencker, Scarlet Pleasure formed back in 2013 and has been burning up the charts of Denmark (No. 2) with their latest EP Limbo, which was released this year. The trio has show dates coming up, so good luck finding tickets:

Europe 2017 tour dates

11/16 – Gimle (Roskilde, Denmark) ***SOLD OUT

11/17 – Musikhuset Posten (Odense, Denmark) ***SOLD OUT

11/18 – VEGA (Copenhagen, Denmark) ***SOLD OUT

11/21 – VEGA (Copenhagen, Denmark) ***SOLD OUT

11/23 – Skråen (Aalborg, Denmark)

11/24 – Godset (Kolding, Denmark)

11/25 – Train Live (Aarhus, Denmark) ***SOLD OUT

Europe 2018 tour dates

3/24 – Scandinavian Congress Center (Aarhus, Denmark)