Madus’ “Enjoy The Night” Will Help You To Stop Frying Your Brain With Overthinking

Think less, listen more.

Photo: Courtesy of Madus

LA rock quartet, Madus, teaches us how to break the unhealthy habit of overthinking with their new single “Enjoy The Night.” Built on booming chords embedded in rippling rhythm, the song obstructs any racing thoughts and grounds you into the present. Madus doesn’t play any dreamy, narcotic atmospherics to make you enjoy the moment – instead, they transport you into a plane where the bursting guitar strings and rumbling choruses melt into an invigorating wave. “Just enjoy the night / Let it blow your mind” chants singer Dugan Cruz. Stream below

“After years of being in the music scene we’ve walked into bar after bar and watched countless bands play. Once in awhile you can walk into a bar with no expectations and have a band you’ve never heard of blow you away and make your night something special. ‘Enjoy the Night’ reminds us to not overthink every little thing and enjoy the little things in life” explained Dugan Cruz.

Aside from Dugan, Madus is comprised of Sam Sobo (drums), James Teekel (lead guitar) and Hunter Craig (bass). The band has already released two EPs and have had their work featured on TV shows such as NCIS: LA and award-winning documentary H2Indo. Madus is planning to release a self-produced song every month and has a show tonight:

9/25 – The Satellite (Los Angeles, CA, USA)