Sweetmates Dropped The Mic At A Barbershop With Class In “Tapes”

Tropical synthpop in a classy setting.

Photo: Sweetmates Facebook

UK duo, Sweetmates, shows us that the band’s live sound shouldn’t be merely limited to venues in their video “Tapes” where we see them perform live at a barbershop. We don’t recommend you to trust these dudes with scissors, but we do recommend you to trust them with instruments. “Tapes” is enough proof we all need to see them live – the band executes the melody flawlessly and delivers a rock flair that you can’t really feel through pre-recorded songs. Hitting all the high notes smoothly, Sweetmates vicariously lets us soak in the adrenalines of their live show with “Tapes.” For all of us who wish to be at a show instead of whatever lame location we happen to be, here’s “Tapes” for you:

“Tapes” is the follow up of Sweetmates’ EP, Disco Turd, which was released back in April of this year. Based in Brighton, Sweetmates started songsmithing since 2015. As of now, Sweetmates hasn’t shared any new tour dates yet.