Kronic’s “Restricted” Ft. Evan Ross Is The Party Anthem For Bad Girls & Self-Saboteurs

“…she turned around and gave me this ‘Damn Son’ look”

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

LA-based, Aussie producer Kronic takes electro-dance music to another level with his new single “Restricted” featuring Evan Ross. Ebbing like a heart drunk with cheap whiskey, “Restricted” takes you spiraling into the dancefloor as the shiny synths and Ross’ smooth vocals deliver the irresistible high you get from bad decisions. It’s a sensuous track where the Adam Levine-esque voice of Ross explicitly exhales a self-destructive lust (“Tell me just how you like it”). Stream below.

“It’s about being attracted to the type of women you’re not supposed to fall for; the type you meet at the after party at 6 in the morning. There’s a certain stigma attached to these girls that you’re supposed to stay away from them, but those girls are exactly my type. I’m just like them,” Kronic shared.

Even Lady Gaga found “Restricted” to be irresistible when she heard it at a private party where Kronic was DJing. “At one point, Gaga was standing about two metres away from the DJ table. I faded out whatever Future, Migos, Travis Scott song that I was playing and put on ‘Restricted’. Within five seconds of that bassline coming out of the speakers, she turned around and gave me this “Damn Son” look complete with the type of screwed up face you pull when the drop on Skrillex’s ‘Cinema’ remix comes on” he shared.

If you like what you’re hearing, get the track here.