Zoology Gives Us A Taste Of Love Overkill In “100°”

Sultry R&B

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

R&B/neo-soul duo, Zoology, taps into the rare and often self-destructive obsession that we experience when we fall for someone with an overwhelming intensity in their new single “100°”. It is a midtempo electro piece that takes us into a dreamy atmosphere where we vicariously get drunk with the chest-swelling sensation of desiring for someone whom we can’t reach. Melodically, “100°” moves at a chill pace that allow us to process the dangerous and irresistible sensation in a slo-mo journey. Stream below:

“‘100°’ is about someone who’s almost out of reach, but you’re all for the chase.” explained Zoology. “Our aim with the production is to make you feel what it’s like to be dangerously in love, intense and sometimes overwhelming.”

Zoology is comprised of Emily Kreuger and Beau Diakowicz, who started collaborating over a year ago and have already amassed almost 3 million streams with only three releases. As of now, the duo hasn’t shared new tour dates yet.