Cherryade Party With Foil & Molten Metal In Their New Video “Blah Blah”

A lustrous way to party.

Photo: Cherryade – Blah Blah YouTube

London pop duo, Cherryade, doesn’t party at a basic level – their new video “Blah Blah” shows us how to upgrade your pop party to a majestically shiny rank. We see the two sending you flirtatious looks in an enigmatic place that is completely covered in foil. There is molten metal dripping on their hands and face that yield an air of wackiness hard to ignore. Cherryade seems to be playfully mocking our penchant for superficial, lustrous distractions yet they also deliver an overkill of glossiness in their new video. Watch below:

“This is our most expensive video yet – we spent nearly £50 on foil. We were inspired by early 00’s sci-fi RnB videos like Aaliyah and Janet, and we’re both going to have to work extra hard to pay back our debt. It was worth every penny though!” shared Cherryade.

“Blah Blah” is a mockery of artists who are obsessed with material things and lack substance. It has already caused a stir among the blogosphere and landed in various Spotify playlists in the US and UK.


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