Delacey Takes Us To The Dark Side Of Electropop In “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Exquisite moodiness.

Photo: @hollyjophoto

As we roll into the fall, it’s time to get a playlist makeover by adding some dark edginess into it. Delacey is one name that should be carved permanently in there. The singer/songwriter has debuted her dark synthpop single “Nothing Lasts Forever” where she hypnotizes us with her silvery vocals that are smudged with graceful bluesy tones. Stream below:

If electropop is your cup of tea, then you probably heard of Delacey’s works without knowing that she is the mastermind behind them. She has wrote The Chainsmokers’ “New York City” and featured on Markus Schulz’ “Destiny” and Wingtip’s “Walls.” Originally from California, Delacey is now taking over the spotlight, so stay tuned for more of Delacey soon.