The Chain Gang Of 1974 Delivers Unforgettable Choreography In “Forget” Ft. Alisa Xayalith

They look like possessed by fairies.

Photo: The Chain Gang of 1974 – Forget (ft. Alisa Xayalith) [Official Video] YouTube

The Chain Gang of 1974 team up with Alisa Xayalith (from The Naked and Famous) in his new video “Forget” where we watch the duo engage in a breathtaking choreography. The dance moves was coordinated by Lindsey Blafarb, who has worked with other artists such as Lorde and Cee Lo Green. “Forget” is a chest-swelling synthpop that breathes into your system while leaving explosive loops along the way. The video is set in a blueish background where we see the two waltz as if they were possessed by fairies. Watch below:

“‘Forget’ is possibly one of the most important songs to me as a songwriter, solely based on its complexity. Compared to my previous work, I hadn’t written something with such layers… While writing Felt, Peter Gabriel’s ‘So’ was my biggest influence. With that being said, I wanted a song like ‘Don’t Give Up.’ It only seemed appropriate to have a duet with Alisa. It turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined.” shared The Chain Gang of 1974.

Kamtin Mohager is the mastermind behind The Chain Gang of 1974 and has been making waves in the synthpop realm with his album Felt, which was released earlier this year. The record includes “Forget” and other critically acclaimed singles such as “Wallflowers.” As of now, no tour dates have been announced.